Miscellaneous Ernest Bramah Appearances

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The Golden Book 1. The Golden Book, January 1929, p. 86. Thirteen brief aphorisms excerpted from Kai Lung's Golden Hours.
[Added 3-Jan-2003]
2. CADS issue #56, pp. 44-46. A Review of The Search For Ernest Bramah by Aubrey Wilson.
[Added 25-Jul-2019]
The Golden Book 3. CADS issue #76, October 2017, p. 44. A brief overview of Bramah and the Max Carrados stories.
[Added 25-Jul-2019]
Fantasy and Science Fiction 4. Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 1999. A brief review of "The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt" from Max Carrados Mysteries by Dave Langford.
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