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Georgian Stories 1924

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The latest information regarding all aspects of collecting and enjoying the works of Ernest Bramah.
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Includes thumbnails of scanned images, points for identifying the various editions, and links to complete online texts. "It is said, he who lacks a single tael, sees many bargains."
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Includes thumbnails of scanned images, and links to complete online texts. "Even the classics become obscure in the dark."
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Sparse; not much was written about this very private man. Includes a link to an online article. "In three moments a laborer will remove an obstructing rock, but three moons will pass without two wise men agreeing on the meaning of a single vowel."
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Complete to 1958.
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Bramah was quite popular, and showed up in odd places.

For a brief introduction to the works of Ernest Bramah,
see Peter Gaspar's Ernest Bramah: Introductory Essay

Wikiquote has a list of quotes from his books.

For a list of book images missing from the bibliography, see my want list.

"Kai Lung is a Chinese storyteller who tells one of his tales whenever he gets into a tight spot [like Scheherezade, as Ashley points out]. Bramah's China bears about the same amount of resemblance to the real China as Walter Scott's England of Ivanhoe bears to the real English twelfth century..." -Waggoner, The Hills of Faraway, p. 149.

"The stories are mannered and playful, less moralistic than they pretend to be, and constitute a unique series of literary confections." -Barron, Fantasy Literature 3-48.

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"The point is one of some subtlety, admitted Wong Pao, and might be pursued to an extreme delicacy of attenuation, if it were argued by those whose profession it is to give a variety of meanings to the same thing."

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